Friday, August 28, 2009

Sock Monkeys

What to do with ourselves....

Speedy gave us a great idea! He brought out his sock monkey, and reminded me that his brother Sprout does not have one yet. He didn't know, but I have been holding on to a certain pair of socks for almost a year now with the intention of turning them into a monkey!

When we opened our bag of stuffing, we found another project that I almost completed... the legs are complete with red spikes...if I could only find the modivation to attatch them... ahh, not today, today's focus: the monkeys!

Sunshine and her sister (in pic) both attempted a semi-traditional monkey with the socks I could find around the house... Speedy brought me a pair of his small socks, so I decided to tackle a mini-monkey, a gift for a small relative. Speedy tried to piece togther the body parts after I stuffed them.

Sunshine completed most of her monkey, then got a little frustrated and decided to take a break. That somehow resulted in a dog body with a frog head. Since this picture, the "animal" has received large green front feet.

We do not have any finished projects to show yet, the machine work is done, but we all have some hand stitching to complete. Check back for more pictures soon!

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  1. Very Nice! but i am VERY curious about the red spiked and green project!