Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Real or Plastic?

At a visit to our chiropractor, Speedy presents a question, "Is this plant real or plastic?"
(Last visit, he watched an employee try to figure this out, and then water the plant.  Speedy had even commented on how much water the plant took!)
When he couldn't tell by looking at the leaves, he tried touching them.  That didn't help much - they felt like plastic, but he wasn't convinced.  He touched both a green leaf, and a yellow leaf. 
Sprout to the rescue!  He'll figure this out - and he did! (kinda)
He came running over to feel the leaves, in his own, non-delicate fashion, and broke the green leaf.
A clean break, could still be plastic -- then  it hit us!  This leaf was real ... why?
We could smell the chlorophyll!!!
So what does mom do?  I break the yellow leaf, just to test our conclusion.
It smelled of autumn, I could almost hear my feet crunching the fallen leaves.

Of course by now, I can feel the eyes of everyone around watching, trying to figure out what we are doing, and whether they should escort us out, or call us help!  It was a great morning!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today I took some time to make new placemats. 

 Our old ones are still in great shape - and they work well - which is why I made more!  Usually if things are working well, you do NOT replace them.  I am not replacing our old ones, but am adding to our stash. 
The only thing on the top of each placemat is a verse reference.  We get to spend mealtime trying to remember the verses, and only when the dishes are getting cleared do we get to flip the placemats over and reveal the entire verse. 

My first Giveaway Win!

I don't find a lot of time to browse blogs, and don't usually enter the giveaways I come across.  About two months back, I did just this. had a giveaway for a crochet kit for a baby boy.  Well, I don't have much time to crochet, and don't know of any baby boys in the near future, but I entered my info.  My name was drawn, and they emailed me a confirmation and release form to sign and return.  That email made it to my junk mail folder, which normally do not go into.  I can't quite remember what made me look in my junk that day, but I sent in my confirmation, and today, by delivery, was my prize:

It includes instructions, a crochet hook, a yarn needle, buttons, and more that enough yarn to make a blanket, a sweater, a hat, and booties!

Since entering, I now know 3 ladies who are expecting.  Chances are one might have a boy, so I'd better start finding time to crochet - no excuses!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, I did it again, but this time, it was by request.
We spent the day Saturday at Grand Beach and Maverick was taken by all the cute sundresses they were selling, and how they would all look so cute on Seedling.  The "we should buy this" turned into "you could make this" very quickly.  My concern was that I didn't think I had cute enough material.  Then I remembered about this royal blue material with yellow, red, and green tie died flowers on it -- perfect!  I must say that this suits her more that the other patterns we have seen in dresses!

So we got home very late from the beach and another party afterwards, and when the children didn't sleep in on Sunday morning, I decided to make this dress before church.  The dress she loves ... hopefully by the time this is posted, she will have let me take it off of her to wash it ...

Friday, August 12, 2011

WIP: Lord's Prayer Poster

One day, we spent a long time painting.  We painted a huge poster.  We painted beautiful colors, all light, and we blended them, and tried different patterns.

Then it looked very beautiful when we were done.  The last thing was to write The Lord's Prayer on it.  Then we framed it, and hung it on my bedroom wall.

Now my room gets something beautiful, and I have something to remind me to pray more.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At the breakfast table this morning .... "Mommy,  I made an "L"!!!!"
 And this is becoming a regular occurance ...
The burr's were an "S"...
The rocks were a "C"...
The extension cord was folded into an "R", or a "K" if you cover the top loop ...

Theese are the letters/photos we have done so far:


Spent some time outdoors again today. 
I did a color wash again, but sanded the edges slightly for the "warn away" look.
Again, sealed with Almond Oil.
I think I still like the unpainted versions (the bears), but that's just me.

Here is our new addition, and how it fits into our growing "play set",
and this is what makes today's finished product our "Work In Progress"!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Another room project, to add more of Sprout's presence into the boys' room ... a collage!

This is my picture.  It says "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (said to the tune). Me and mom made it,  First Mom made the letters...
then I colored the letters.  I used two colors for one letter. If I did it hard, it would work, definately. 

 Then I colored the other letters.  When I was done coloing all the other letters, I did scissors and glue.  Pictures of animals and God's stuff that he made.
I put the poster on my bedroom wall.

Funny note ... we enjoy looking up different versions of this old hymn on YouTube, most are set to striking beautiful photographs or paintings, but today came across a version set to screenshots of Farmville!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Collection

we were gowing to st jons park for are cleksun and this is what we fawnd. It is pinecons and burrs. Sum are starting to open, and some are open all the way. I would like to go thir agin.

F is for Fry frys ( as sprout would say)
These are the letters/photos we have done so far:


WIP: Bears

When we returned from camping last week, Sprout had fallen asleep in the vehicle on the trip, and when he awoke at home, he bagan bawling.  He was very upset that we were done camping, but had not yet seen a bear.  He was adament that we MUST go back now, and not leave until we see a bear.

This week, Speedy and Sprout have been playing with a camping adventure set, but Sprout is still talking about his bear.

It wasn't suprising to me, then, when I asked the boys what I should make today, that Sprout burst out with "a bear"!

Thus, my second attempt at using my scroll saw ...

Momma and baby bear!  We decided not to paint this set, but just to cure it and see how it holds up to the rough boys and the drooly girl!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Lazy Post about a Lazy Afternoon!

Hiding Out in the Shade

Hard at Work with a Paintbrush


Relaxing in Daddy's Hammock

Sprout's Masterpiece of the Day

WIP: Personal Space

Recently Sprout has moved on.  He has not only moved onto his own bed, but has transitioned into "The Boys' Room" with Speedy.  Although we have been calling this his room for a year, his bed (and the fact that he stays in it all night) make the transition complete.

This meant rearranging the room, and he asked me to put up sheets to make his bed darker.  Most children I know would cry the opposite, so I decided to run with it and create his own personal space in the shared room.  And what makes it personal more than PERSONALIZING it! 

Speedy has been learning handwriting (cursive), so I decided to do a wallhanging with Sprout's name on it for his new area.  Set on a black backdrop to block out the sun in the summer when bedtime can come before the sun goes down, I used green, orange, and white cording and yarn for his name.

This wall hanging will be functional as well as decorative.  The boys have a double sided bookshelf which is very tempting to climb.  By placing this black artwork above the book shelf, it takes that temptation away because there is nothing to look at on the other side.  This is the first step in creating the cave-like bed he is asking for.  I do have black material to complete the wall requested, but want to make sure he is getting enough air flow.   I do have some yardage of drapery/mosquito netting type material that I might look into dying black.  Stay tuned...