Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WIP: Personal Space

Recently Sprout has moved on.  He has not only moved onto his own bed, but has transitioned into "The Boys' Room" with Speedy.  Although we have been calling this his room for a year, his bed (and the fact that he stays in it all night) make the transition complete.

This meant rearranging the room, and he asked me to put up sheets to make his bed darker.  Most children I know would cry the opposite, so I decided to run with it and create his own personal space in the shared room.  And what makes it personal more than PERSONALIZING it! 

Speedy has been learning handwriting (cursive), so I decided to do a wallhanging with Sprout's name on it for his new area.  Set on a black backdrop to block out the sun in the summer when bedtime can come before the sun goes down, I used green, orange, and white cording and yarn for his name.

This wall hanging will be functional as well as decorative.  The boys have a double sided bookshelf which is very tempting to climb.  By placing this black artwork above the book shelf, it takes that temptation away because there is nothing to look at on the other side.  This is the first step in creating the cave-like bed he is asking for.  I do have black material to complete the wall requested, but want to make sure he is getting enough air flow.   I do have some yardage of drapery/mosquito netting type material that I might look into dying black.  Stay tuned...

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