Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP: Bears

When we returned from camping last week, Sprout had fallen asleep in the vehicle on the trip, and when he awoke at home, he bagan bawling.  He was very upset that we were done camping, but had not yet seen a bear.  He was adament that we MUST go back now, and not leave until we see a bear.

This week, Speedy and Sprout have been playing with a camping adventure set, but Sprout is still talking about his bear.

It wasn't suprising to me, then, when I asked the boys what I should make today, that Sprout burst out with "a bear"!

Thus, my second attempt at using my scroll saw ...

Momma and baby bear!  We decided not to paint this set, but just to cure it and see how it holds up to the rough boys and the drooly girl!

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