Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Another room project, to add more of Sprout's presence into the boys' room ... a collage!

This is my picture.  It says "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (said to the tune). Me and mom made it,  First Mom made the letters...
then I colored the letters.  I used two colors for one letter. If I did it hard, it would work, definately. 

 Then I colored the other letters.  When I was done coloing all the other letters, I did scissors and glue.  Pictures of animals and God's stuff that he made.
I put the poster on my bedroom wall.

Funny note ... we enjoy looking up different versions of this old hymn on YouTube, most are set to striking beautiful photographs or paintings, but today came across a version set to screenshots of Farmville!!!

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