Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome "Seed"

Praying wasn't enough to bring baby by her due date, but three hours of worship did the trick!!!

Thanks to Robin Mark and the PromiseKeepers worship band for getting things started!
After a 3-hour worship concert of singing and dancing, and no sleep, my labor started.  It was fairly intense and quick from the start - I was sure it could not be the real thing. Within an hour, the contractions were 5 minutes apart, but my midwife wanted to wait until each contraction lasted longer.  That never did happen, but within the next hour, the contractions were one minute apart. We checked into triage at 2:10 am, Seed blessed us with her presence at 3:39 am, and we were discharged at 9am when the day shift began.
  Date: November 16, 2009
  Time:  3:39 am
  Height::  19 3/4"
  Weight:  9 lbs, 7 oz

She was born with the most hair of all my children, and it is very dark...we'll see if it stays.


Congratulations to our cousins who, along with their Wolverine teammates, just won their division finals!!!

Thank you for inviting us to your games, each one of us has enjoyed cheering you on through the season.  Thank you for always stopping to say hi to your little fans, and I will try to get your pictures to you soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Due Date is Here

So today is our due date.  And no baby. 

Not that unusual, I know, but this does change our plans for a homebirth.   So far, I have left this pregnancy up to God, and have turned down some "assistance" in helping baby to come earlier.  I have put my trust into God to deliver this baby at the right time.  Having said that, baby who has been on the smaller side throughout the pregnancy has decided to gain size and weight this past week.  When I do go into labor, it will mean going to the hospital (for unseen complications, based on my last birth). 

I will also be faced with a decision of induction.  When Sprout was born, late, I refused the offers of induction, trusting that he too would enter this world without being forced.  That did not happen, and I was induced at 42 weeks, and he was larger than expected, and we experienced shoulder dystorsia and brought a baby into the world with a broken arm!

So right now, I want to continue to trust that this birth will happen of it's own accord, but feel I should be considering the options that I am currently faced with. 

Until all this happens, life continues as normal (as much as possible)... so we are off to gym and swim this afternoon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not So Scheduled...

OK, here's my deal ... I really like the idea of this "Work in Progress Wednesdays" ... but Wednesdays are busy, and I cannot commit to computer time .. so, I am proposing to drop the "Wednesday" and  continue to post as I can.  With the new baby due any day, I may end up having much less, or maybe more computer time, but I do know that it will be unpredictable!!!

No objections? ... here goes ...  (making up for missed Wednesdays) ...

is now

"Sprout" sprouting his new pants!  Toasty warm (and dry) for the winter, without the diaper covers (even overnight)!  Love his personality, just like his older brother, he watched mommy make these, and is very attatched/territorial about them..... Now, to find (make?) a shirt he likes to wear...

My latest sewing project ... I just have to make it to the hardware store for a dowel ... or maybe I should walk to the riverbank and see if I can find anything suitable...

Crochet project ... trying some wavy lines (the project is laying flat).

My next baby dress...

Okay, this one is just about is a new sling from some material I had sitting around.  A little bright for me, but beautiful!

Belly Pics

So I have been bugged about a lack of pregnancy pictures... and Sunshine was bored one night ... the result?  My first public pregnancy pic!  What a strange and different canvas for her to work on!  And no, it didn't tickle too much!
Of course, the next morning, Speedy and Sprout wanted their turns.  Luckily my belly washed clean with a cloth and they were each able to create a masterpiece.
It felt very strange when Speedy took his turn.  He seemed to be able to draw forever, and really had to move left and right and up and down to be able to see and access his "canvas".  Defintely made me feel huge!