Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Due Date is Here

So today is our due date.  And no baby. 

Not that unusual, I know, but this does change our plans for a homebirth.   So far, I have left this pregnancy up to God, and have turned down some "assistance" in helping baby to come earlier.  I have put my trust into God to deliver this baby at the right time.  Having said that, baby who has been on the smaller side throughout the pregnancy has decided to gain size and weight this past week.  When I do go into labor, it will mean going to the hospital (for unseen complications, based on my last birth). 

I will also be faced with a decision of induction.  When Sprout was born, late, I refused the offers of induction, trusting that he too would enter this world without being forced.  That did not happen, and I was induced at 42 weeks, and he was larger than expected, and we experienced shoulder dystorsia and brought a baby into the world with a broken arm!

So right now, I want to continue to trust that this birth will happen of it's own accord, but feel I should be considering the options that I am currently faced with. 

Until all this happens, life continues as normal (as much as possible)... so we are off to gym and swim this afternoon!

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