Friday, April 29, 2011

It has been a crazy week, no suprise.  My children HAVE been working on new posts, and hopefully next week I will find the time to help them post!  Right now I am getting ready to leave town...heading out to an Above Rubies Retreat to be encouraged and strenghtened as a wife, a mother, and a homemaker!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm not feeling orderly today, so here goes ...


These are the letters/photos we have done so far:

Sowing Surprises

Spring is official when mud is involved, and although today's wind took mud wading off our to-do list, we didn't completely cross mud off.   We had a "surprise" pack of seeds, made for children.  It is a mix of seeds that grows well.  Speedy's planter has five pots, so we picked five types of seeds, and sorted them out.
 Hard to beleive, but we did this after 7pm! Gotta love spring!  Sunshine was away at a friends, so it was the three littles who got in on the action.  The boys planted the seeds, and Seedling found the spoon and kept filling the pots with more soil.

 Each pot got one type of seed, and we have to wait to see what sprouts up.  The most interesting were the ones that looked like curled-up worms.  It sparked a debate as to whether they were seeds or actually dead worms. Again, it's another wait-and-see.

 Infront of each pot, we glued one seed so that we can see where each plant came from.

And a side note, not totally unrelated, our garlic chives have sprouted, and it smells wonderful already!  It is a real test of patience to let it grow, as everyone here just loves chives.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Diary of a Confused Boy, Entry 1

Postcard: Alaska

We received a postcard this week from Fairbanks, Alaska.

It was slightly confusing to Sunshine, as it is a "Canadian Postcard" club ... but we embraced it.  Speedy had fun finding it on our map.  He knew where Canada was, and where he thought all the United States were ... but he DID find it! 

We found out that Fairbanks is a 46 hour and 40 minute drive from our house.  When we were writing our postcard to them and enjoying an afternoon snack, the family in Alaska was just sitting down for lunch as we are three hours ahead of them.  For Speedy, though, it was the sheer number of volcanoes, particularily active volcanoes in Alaska, that caught his attention!

Diary of a ....

is now

Thanks to all who voted.
Speedy is excited to make his first post!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Speedy's Diary

Speedy has really taken off with reading lately.  At first, it was his "Armor of God" Bible (yeah), but then he found another book worthy of his time ... 
I had heard good reviews of this book, so we tried it.  Speedy LOVED it, it was easy to read, and had just the right amount of pictures.  As he read it, we re-evaluated.  "We" have decided that this book is not a good fit for our home.  It is, as the title would suggest, about a "whimpy" kid, who is bullied.  It is full of elementary and middle school humor.  To Speedy, unfortunatey, is was a how-to book to bully his younger siblings, and an introduction to how inappropriate young children can treat each other.

So, again "we" had a talk about it, and decided to return it to the library.  But he really enjoyed the story and the format, so he found a solution!  He has begun his own Diary.  Originally, he called it the "Diary of a Half-Happy, Half-Sad, and Half Mad Boy".  He has begun to draw the main characters, and has two frames so far.  He hopes to add a new page every week or so, and to update his blog followers as he completes his entries.  He wants your help, tough.  On the right hand of our blog is a poll to name his Diary.

Fun in the Mud!

I was sitting at home listening to music as I was doing school, when I was interrupted by " hey get your camera and come out here!"And as curious as I was, I did. Not only did I see abandoned boots in a pile of mud but a couple of kids running up and down the street getting wet and covered with mud. Sprout was doing belly slides, Speedy was just going insane ,happy that mom was okay with it ,and Seed was falling everywhere and getting stuck numerous times. As I watched the fun i decided to join , but only just my feet. The mud was very cold and thick, it was getting stuck between my toes. Very gross. Finally we went inside, washed up and got into warm PJ's. Other than getting wet and being cold the weather was great!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Twins! Those twins!  The "Things".

We dressed up for a party. It was fun.  I was a Thing from the Cat in the Hat movie.
I was Thing 1, Speedy was Thing 2, and Seedling was Thing 3.  Mom was the Cat in the Hat.

Sunshine was a cat in the hat, too.  She has a hat and stripes like mom.