Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sowing Surprises

Spring is official when mud is involved, and although today's wind took mud wading off our to-do list, we didn't completely cross mud off.   We had a "surprise" pack of seeds, made for children.  It is a mix of seeds that grows well.  Speedy's planter has five pots, so we picked five types of seeds, and sorted them out.
 Hard to beleive, but we did this after 7pm! Gotta love spring!  Sunshine was away at a friends, so it was the three littles who got in on the action.  The boys planted the seeds, and Seedling found the spoon and kept filling the pots with more soil.

 Each pot got one type of seed, and we have to wait to see what sprouts up.  The most interesting were the ones that looked like curled-up worms.  It sparked a debate as to whether they were seeds or actually dead worms. Again, it's another wait-and-see.

 Infront of each pot, we glued one seed so that we can see where each plant came from.

And a side note, not totally unrelated, our garlic chives have sprouted, and it smells wonderful already!  It is a real test of patience to let it grow, as everyone here just loves chives.

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