Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Speedy's Diary

Speedy has really taken off with reading lately.  At first, it was his "Armor of God" Bible (yeah), but then he found another book worthy of his time ... 
I had heard good reviews of this book, so we tried it.  Speedy LOVED it, it was easy to read, and had just the right amount of pictures.  As he read it, we re-evaluated.  "We" have decided that this book is not a good fit for our home.  It is, as the title would suggest, about a "whimpy" kid, who is bullied.  It is full of elementary and middle school humor.  To Speedy, unfortunatey, is was a how-to book to bully his younger siblings, and an introduction to how inappropriate young children can treat each other.

So, again "we" had a talk about it, and decided to return it to the library.  But he really enjoyed the story and the format, so he found a solution!  He has begun his own Diary.  Originally, he called it the "Diary of a Half-Happy, Half-Sad, and Half Mad Boy".  He has begun to draw the main characters, and has two frames so far.  He hopes to add a new page every week or so, and to update his blog followers as he completes his entries.  He wants your help, tough.  On the right hand of our blog is a poll to name his Diary.

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