Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bunn's Creek Trail - July 28, 2009
I appologize to anyone viewing this over a slower connection, but today's post is very IMAGE HEAVY! It could have something to do with my camera battery dying on our last trail, but I beleive it has more to do with just how inspired Speedy was with everything today.

Today we headed over the Red River and down Henderson Highway to Bunn's Creek. It was beautiful ... pathways on both sides of the creek, and several bridges to cross back and forth.

The questions started before our hike even began. "Mom, is it spring?" That was Speedy, and he did know that it is summer (How? Definately not from our recent weather!?!?!), but was confused by the new, bright green buds on the trees - usually a sign of spring!

The mosquito's WERE out, but maybe not as bad as they could have been. As we sent out on our first path, we were amazed as a hundred? baby dragonflies flew up into the air! I managed to get a photo of an orange one, but Speedy's favorite were the blue drangonflies.

The highlight for Sprout was a ride-on tractor that passed us on one of the wider paths. Even now, the picture is inspiring his "vroom-vroom".

Speedy has began to point out locations for doing "photo-shoots". Today he found a double-stump that he thought would be perfect for taking pictures of him and Sprout. How could I argue? Out came the camera, and the results are beautiful - just as he predicted!
So ofter the pictures, and a short water break, I thought we were ready to push on. I beleive Speedy thought so too, but we hadn't taken ten steps when I heard "Stop! There's something I have to write in my nature log!" It was Speedy, and what he had found was a mushroom growing at the base of a tree.
So again we stopped, and he took out his pencil and book and added this picture!

Now we were on our way! Where to, we didn't know. Speedy was begining to do a familiar dance, and just before I gave into letting him use a tree, we saw another bridge - that led to a park with a washroom! We did take the time for one more Speedy-inspired photo ... he went under the bridge to get a closer look, and found his reflection!

We did stay and play at the park for a short time, then it was back to the trails to find a good picnic spot. Unfortunately, there were no dragnflies where we stopped, so it was a quick lunch - before we were lunch! As we began to leave, Speedy produced his compass again. I asked him which way we came into the trails, and he remembered - North! What came next shocked me - "So to go back to our truck, we have to go South" came out of Speedy's mouth, as he used his compass to show me South. So with that we left down the southward path, and as we got to our truck, we turned around and took this beautiful picture of the sky!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Forks - Riverwalk & Trails .... July 21, 2009

The weather today was beautiful. We brought our rain jackets because it looked like it was going to storm outside. We started on the big path that took us to the river, but then we went on smaller paths through the trees. Then we ended up at the boat docks at The Forks.

We saw bubblebees on these flowers, but it was hard to catch them on camera, cause they kept flying away. The bees were helping the flowers grow. I think maybe Sunshine is trying to be a scarecrow?!?!?
We climbed some tall rocks. There were lots of roots and moss on the ground.

My favorite part was near the boats. I saw my soccer team coach, and he was fishing. I liked that I took a picture of the red berries from in the path where we stopped for a picnic lunch. I also drew a picture of them in my nature log.
When we got to the Forks, we met up with our auntie, some cousins, and our Nana.
It was a special day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kildonan Parkway.....July 14, 2009

Our friendly tour guide welcomed us on a rainy day with a cuddle and a purr. She lead us there and back but stopped for lunch every now and again. There was one problem with her, she didn't know what feet were. Often she got a boot in the head, but she still stuck with us till the end.

She brought us to lots of lovely flowers and a holey tree. I couldn't blame the canker worms for eating it, did look delicious!

Monday, July 13, 2009

St. Vital Park - Duck Pond .... July 7, 2009

Finally, got around to downloading, then uploading some pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather was beautiful, and the animals were out!
We sat at a table for lunch, then packed it away and set off for a walk around the duckpond. It didn't take long for us to find tadpoles! Huge ones! Taking one home vs. leaving them in thier homes was briefly discussed, then we were off on our way again.

Before we finished our round, I walked past something, and then realized what it was! Not a rock, but a FROG! Wow! We were so close to it, and it hadn't moved. I feared the worst, but aproach again and it hopped away.

The children got a hold of my camera,...well, ok, they asked (but usually I do not share)!

I like this because I rarely get pictures of me with my children, although here it is just with my boys.

The algae on the pond sparked a great discussion. One was afraid that the ducks would not be able to get onto the water. Luckily the ducks were also out, so we got to see firsthand that the ducks CAN swim in aglae!

We all enjoyed our time at the duck pond, although I am looking forward to a real "hike" next Tuesday (oh, my, that's tomorrow).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trail Tuesday - July 7, 2009

Summer holidays have officially began in our house!
A favorite from last summer, we began our "Trail Tuesdays" this week! It wasn't our typical trail hike as we were all involved (in different capcities) in our church's VBS. Still, we headed outdoors and enjoyed some of our beautful weather and city wildlife!

Shortly after VB ended, we loaded into our "people mover" and headed for St. Vital Park. Seeing as we were pretty focused on the VBS, and had not thought ahead of time to bring proper hiking attire (mainly shoes and maybe long pants for fear of poison ivy), we decided to take our picnic lunch to the duck pond.

My eyes are closing on me ... watch tomorrow for some photo's!