Monday, July 13, 2009

St. Vital Park - Duck Pond .... July 7, 2009

Finally, got around to downloading, then uploading some pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather was beautiful, and the animals were out!
We sat at a table for lunch, then packed it away and set off for a walk around the duckpond. It didn't take long for us to find tadpoles! Huge ones! Taking one home vs. leaving them in thier homes was briefly discussed, then we were off on our way again.

Before we finished our round, I walked past something, and then realized what it was! Not a rock, but a FROG! Wow! We were so close to it, and it hadn't moved. I feared the worst, but aproach again and it hopped away.

The children got a hold of my camera,...well, ok, they asked (but usually I do not share)!

I like this because I rarely get pictures of me with my children, although here it is just with my boys.

The algae on the pond sparked a great discussion. One was afraid that the ducks would not be able to get onto the water. Luckily the ducks were also out, so we got to see firsthand that the ducks CAN swim in aglae!

We all enjoyed our time at the duck pond, although I am looking forward to a real "hike" next Tuesday (oh, my, that's tomorrow).

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  1. Great Fun! Thats a REALLY Big tadpole! Nice beginnings to your new blog!