Monday, July 27, 2009

The Forks - Riverwalk & Trails .... July 21, 2009

The weather today was beautiful. We brought our rain jackets because it looked like it was going to storm outside. We started on the big path that took us to the river, but then we went on smaller paths through the trees. Then we ended up at the boat docks at The Forks.

We saw bubblebees on these flowers, but it was hard to catch them on camera, cause they kept flying away. The bees were helping the flowers grow. I think maybe Sunshine is trying to be a scarecrow?!?!?
We climbed some tall rocks. There were lots of roots and moss on the ground.

My favorite part was near the boats. I saw my soccer team coach, and he was fishing. I liked that I took a picture of the red berries from in the path where we stopped for a picnic lunch. I also drew a picture of them in my nature log.
When we got to the Forks, we met up with our auntie, some cousins, and our Nana.
It was a special day.

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