Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Real or Plastic?

At a visit to our chiropractor, Speedy presents a question, "Is this plant real or plastic?"
(Last visit, he watched an employee try to figure this out, and then water the plant.  Speedy had even commented on how much water the plant took!)
When he couldn't tell by looking at the leaves, he tried touching them.  That didn't help much - they felt like plastic, but he wasn't convinced.  He touched both a green leaf, and a yellow leaf. 
Sprout to the rescue!  He'll figure this out - and he did! (kinda)
He came running over to feel the leaves, in his own, non-delicate fashion, and broke the green leaf.
A clean break, could still be plastic -- then  it hit us!  This leaf was real ... why?
We could smell the chlorophyll!!!
So what does mom do?  I break the yellow leaf, just to test our conclusion.
It smelled of autumn, I could almost hear my feet crunching the fallen leaves.

Of course by now, I can feel the eyes of everyone around watching, trying to figure out what we are doing, and whether they should escort us out, or call us help!  It was a great morning!

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