Monday, January 25, 2010

New Years!!

New years was different for us this year. My sister was over, and we stayed home. it was more like a family night, but till midnight. We played Wii and made a gingerbread sleigh.

With the gingerbread, that was a fun time. In the end, I started to eat the icing right from the tube. CasualCrafter went ahead and cut a bigger hole. I wasn't expecting it to be much bigger, but i was wrong. It was more like the whole top! Of course i didn't eat all of it, I only had a lick out of a mouth full. Our gingerbread sleigh only lasted enough for two pictures, and then it disappeared into a black hole, called the stomach.

Wii was more simple. It started with a few races on Mario Kart, and turned into a game of bowling.

As midnight came, we watched the ball drop and a couple of fireworks on Farmville,and that ended our night. It had gone by so fast! It had all been fun and games until people got sleepy.

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  1. Does anyone else let their children eat gingerbread creations? or are they purely decorative?