Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Speedy's Story

Speedy usually isn't very talkative on Sundays when he is released from Sunday School.  If I ask about his class, I usually get an "I don't know" or, "I'll tell you later."  Either way, I do get to hear about it later.  In great detail. 

This week, when I asked about the picture he made, I got the "I'll tell you later". 

When Maverick asked what they did, Speedy told him they learned about Jesus being born.  Maverick thought June was a weird time to learn about Christmas. Speedy then elaborated. "God is love because he gave Jesus to be born to save us." OK.  That made a little more sense.

It wasn't until Monday night over dinner that Speedy finally unpacked the story about his picture.  And a story it was ...

"One day, Jesus came to visit me at my house.  We did a couple games, then a couple puzzles and books.  Then we went outside and played soccer.

Then me and Jesus builded a big church - a huge church.  All the children in the world went inside the church and Jesus told them about him and God.

And then God made a big, huge field - bigger than lots of soccer fields - and all the children had a team.  God's team.  They broke into a thousand and ten teams.  Yeah, but God did not let Satan's people play.

Their mom's and dad's and grandma's and grandpa's came to watch them play, and to watch Jesus play.

Then they ate supper.  Jesus took the bread, broke it in half, and gave it to all the children. He said, "Eat this; it is my body."  Then he took wine, and said "drink this, this is my blood I'll give to you".  And they all prayed, ate the bread, prayed again, and drank the wine.  Then Jesus got food out - perogies with his body, and juicy sausages with his blood.  That is what he gave them.

After they ate, they had a meeting, and talked.  They talked about fighting Satan and the devil.  Then they went out and did it!  But it wasn't real fighting.  They said God's word, and they prayed.  And guess what?  Satan did not bother ANYONE! and it was the happiest world ever!


This is the story from Speedy's picture,
and this is the story that he wrote."

Wow!  My hand was sore, and the writing was very messy to keep up with him, but there it is!

p.s.  I checked with his ss.teacher, and they did do the Christmas Story in June - but with a twist!

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