Friday, July 29, 2011

Rainbow Experiment

So our "holiday" portion of our holidays has come and gone.
We spent a few days at a nearby campground with two lovely families, then a few days with our family celebrating a new marriage.

Now reality has set in, and although our days are mainly free to enjoy, there was alot of work to reclaim our house. In the very quick comings and goings to repack and leave, the house was quite out of order.  That pretty much meant if there was ever a chore to be done, it had to be done today. 

 I'd love to say I am done, but I am not.  I gave myself until 1 to give'er, then I took a little "me" time.  What's that look like, you ask, with 4 children in the home?  Well, my best way to relax and avoid my work is to find other "work" to do! I decided to try and get some life out of an old board found in our backyard.

I did take a few pics along the way, intending to do a WIP entry.

I didn't anticipate finishing anything today...  would it be cheesy to call it Finished it Friday?

Speedy and Sprout are really exicted, and love their new toy (IF they can get it away of Seedling long enough to play with it)!  It had already become bridges, boats (well, an ark), balancing toys, and I think at one point, a rainbow!  More importantly, they watched me make it, and are already thinking of what I can do next, and what step they can help me with.

So why call it a Rainbow Experiment, you ask?  Because we had no clue what we were doing, just sacrificing an ugly piece of wood to test the waters for future projects.  At the onset, I never expected a product that we would be playing with!  Although far from perfect, it's being called "cool" and "awesome" here, and that makes my heart warm.
An afternoon well spent.

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  1. WOW Looks Lovely!!! I might ask you if you'll go into business making selling these - I'd be your first customer!
    I've got your blog link on my blog now so that I can see when you post a new post.
    We'll have to get the kiddies together for a pool date!