Monday, April 23, 2012

Outdoor coloring

Do you remember having a Spirograph? I never had one, but sure remember using one. For my children, this was something new. And a little different. Our Spirograph is HUGE, and made for sidewalk chalk.

Our sidewalk is quite bumpy, so we adapted our activity and used an old table top, a huge paper, and some jumbo crayons. The images were much clearer, but not as messy, an just not the same.

It wasn't before they were back at the chalk, but this time, with a spray bottle. When wet, the cement turned darker, and the chalk color really seemed to "pop".

A beautiful afternoon!


  1. So NEat, how did you do that! Chalk is one of our favorite artistic mediums in our home too!

  2. We actually aquired a huge Spirograph. It is a large plastic wheel that you put on the sidewalk and then rotate smaller discs inside of it to make the patterns. Turned out to be hard for even my oldest to do on his own, but was a great family activity, and a great starter to an afternoon of chalk fun!

  3. Wow the kids were having a nice time. very creative.