Friday, September 11, 2009

Cucumber Eyeball Drumstick!

Vacation spaghetti hola ,tree vegetable jail, bathtub.

For lake pineapple computer guitar, lemon favorite timer, pants onion.

You confused?
Sunshine sure was!
We were having a casual lunch, and the above is part of the conversation between Speedy and I. Sunshine was a good sport, and let it go on for quite a while before piping up with a "I must've missed the beginning, what are you saying?".
What was the reply to this?

Dumb key tuba flower!

And so it continued for another 5 minutes.
Once again we hear Sunshine "I think I missed something at the beginning"
... this time followed by a short pause...
and finally Speedy: "Oh, that's ok" ... pause ... "I did to!"

Just try to imagine the level of laughter in our small kitchen. Even Sprout joined in!

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  1. It was really serious. I had no idea they were juat having fun. I thought it was some kind of code.