Friday, September 18, 2009


Today we were off to see our cousins' football game.
They played well - and won - and our freshman cousin even got game time! Yeah!

My highlight - watching Speedy make some new friends ... then watching him tackle and down-right beat them up! It did start innocently enough with a game of football. That didn't take long to turn into tackle football. I was suprised (amazed) that the other parents weren't butting in at this point, we all just let them play. It was getting pretty rough, but after one boy was done whining/crying, he would get back up and ask the others to pass it to him, so we let them be! Slowly the aggression multiplied and the football involved decreased. I did finally step in, by means of bringing out food!

Speedy will sleep well tonight - he ran around in that hot sun for two hours... made me hot and tired just watching him!

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