Friday, October 9, 2009

Latest Crafting .... Cozy Toes

I stole some computer time today, and wrote and posted the following entry, and it got me thinking. I have so many projects I am beginning, or finishing, or at some stage inbetween. I'm not sure what has inspired this latest creative push ... whether it be the approaching end of my pregnancy, or maybe it is the giving spirit of the approaching holidays. I would love to share the excitement and even the worries about these projects, but I realize that doing that would spoil some of the holiday suprises for my loved ones. I will try to post what I can, for now, but be sure to check back in the New Year for updates on my secret projects!!!

Back to today's post....

It's October now, and we are all experiencing chilly toes!
I tend to wear slippers (or other indoor footwear) all year, but for the children, October means they all need new slippers. This morning I tried a new style of slipper that I haven't made before.

I was thinking Sunshine might like this style ... kinda like ballet slippers ... I intend to make her some leather ones, but thought I'd do a test pair from my cloth stash.
The sole is leather, with a foam cushioning layer and a soft inner layer (from an old blanket). Personally, I love this fabric ... it was given to me as scrap, and I have already made several things from it! The top cuff is supposed to have a ribbon to keep it slightly tighter (when it is leather), but for this one, I just used some coordinating yarn and crochet'd a lip around the top.
The boys' slippers will be next, but I am sure I will just use the same robeez-ish style that I have made them in the past.
No more chilly toes!!!

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