Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ok, so it's been a while ... not that there has been a shortage of projects, but finding the time to download pictures and post them has been used otherwise.  But I am making it happen tonight, so here goes...

100 circles in pencil, followed by 100 circles in marker...
Check back next week (or the following week) to find out more ... guesses are welcome!

  the boy's room, if you could say it had a color scheme, would be green and orange, so here is the plan for quilt #1: it is in greens and black , and here is my plan for quilt #2: it will be in oranges and black


I guess in an attempted "spring cleaning" of my sewing area, I decided that Seed needed a new dress to wear to Sprout's birthday party....quilting squares from a bed quilt and edging from clear bibs made a very colorful dress!  It was perfect with her grey wool pants with the felted flowers and the checkered crib shoes daddy bought!  [Mommy forgot to take a pic :( ].

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  1. I had one guess phoned in .... could it be a room divider?