Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Math lesson, or child labor?
Well, I suppose if we were receiving the profit, we would need to examine this further.  Since we are not, we call it a math lesson.  Speedy counts out the pennies, arranges them in rows of 10,  then skip-counts by 10 before rolling (mini-muliplication).  He even enlists Sprout's help to roll! 
These are all pennies from their piggy banks. 

When we began, Speedy wanted to donate it all to the church, so they can "send more people to go tell people who don't know Jesus".  He has been donating any change he finds. 

However, he received his first gift-card this Christmas, and we did let him pick and make his own purchase.  He enjoyed that, and now wants to donate half of his change, and save half to buy toys. (I see a nice introduction to division coming!)

Of course, Speedy has NO concept of the value (or lack of) of his money.  Now that he has counted several hundred pennies, he has "lot's of money" to replace laptops when he breaks the screen, or to buy people real Mustangs for their birthdays! LOL

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