Monday, March 21, 2011

Half Beautiful, Half Muddy Time of the Year (SPRING)

Today was the first day of spring.
Seed is wanting to go outside all the time, and now it's spring. She has my old summer hat on, Sprout's rubber boots, and definately her own spring dress.
I am splashing in the puddles, getting all soaked. I jumped, I tried jumping into a different pile of water, but I slipped on my feet and fell on my bum on the hard cold ice. The ice hurt my bum. I came into the house half crying, and half cold. I got dressed, and wanted to go back outside, but my mom said "there are jammies out here if you are looking for warm clothes, don't put on your new pants to go back outside".
The end.

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  1. Great day to play outside ... glad we took advantage, looks like snow tomorrow - a good day to stay indoors and "do school".