Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Postcard Exchange

We mailed out two postcards today.

We started trading postcards late last year.  We chose to begin with families within Canada, but have already received a few worldwide requests.  We find Winnipeg postcards, add our own knowledge/insight, and send them off.  The receiving families do the same from where they live, and we receive a card for our collection.  We get to read a bit about where they are from, and we keep our cards in a map box, where we can mark the location of each we have received.

Today we send cards to Dundas, ON and to Prince George, BC.


  1. Well, we were talking today about how we haven't received any cards from Winnipeg (or Manitoba) yet ...

    anyone interested can contact us @ casualcrafter@hotmail.com and we can send you our address.